Honeygain Review – How much can you earn? Is it legit?

Last Updated on August 11, 2022 by aicrypto

Honeygain promises passive income just by using the Internet. All you have to do is to download and install an app. Does this app deliver what it promises? Read more about it in my Honeygain review.

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is the first app that allows you to earn money online by sharing your internet connection. Sharing your connection does not limit your internet usage. In fact, the full potential of a connection is rarely used.

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The data that is usually lost can now be sold to Honeygain for a profit. All that is needed is an app that simply runs in the background. After installation the app turns your end device into a kind of distribution center. With it, you share your Internet connection without even realizing it.

This innovative concept makes Honeygain the best app for making money.

What does Honeygain pay money for?

By installing the Honeygain app, your network connection is shared with businesses. This allows these companies to access the internet through your location. This way, they see the internet just like you do.

This allows them to use your internet connection for SEO and web statistics, brand protection, and app testing, for example.

The use cases are described in detail on the Honeygain website. Access to your data is not given to these companies or Honeygain. Privacy is respected in any case.

How much do you earn with Honeygain?

On the Honeygain website, there is also an overview of how much you can earn. The more devices you use with the app, the more money you earn. However. It is important that the devices do not use the same IP address on the Internet. So if your devices are on the same Wi-Fi, you will only be able to use one of them at a time.

But if you install the app on your smartphone as well, you’ll already have a second device. With two devices, Honeygain already gives monthly earnings of roughly $20. For doing nothing, that’s already a lot of money. How much it will really be depends on your location, IP address and network speed. It can be less or even a lot more money.

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How to withdraw the money?

From $20 you can withdraw your balance. The payout is done either via PayPal or BTC. There is also the option to receive all withdrawals in real time to the JumpTask wallet as JMPT tokens. There is no minimum withdrawal limit there.

Won’t my internet connection slow down?

I have been using Honeygain for quite a while now. I haven’t noticed any limitations in using the internet yet. Even not when streaming. So I must say, if this system has any drawbacks, I haven’t found them yet.

What happens to the shared data?

Honeygain uses the internet potential gained through its users to offer different services to businesses.

These services include SEO, business intelligence, market research and price comparisons, for example. The revenue Honeygain generates from these services is passed on to the users in a reduced amount.

Is my data secure?

Honeygain does NOT collect any personal data. All connections are encrypted and the app never accesses your personal hard drive.

Your IP address is only needed for network sharing, while your email address is needed for account creation and payment processing.

Regular passive income?

A passive income is the dream of many people. However, it is usually the case that you have to pay in advance somehow. With passive income from dividends, you have to buy stocks first. With passive income from book royalties, you have to write and publish a book first.

Honeygain actually gives you passive income with no upfront payment. A very small income indeed, but it is 100% passive.

Can I install Honeygain on any device?

You can install Honeygain on any Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and now iOS device.